False Advertising Essay

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Chapter I


Advertising, usually a paid announcement, of products for sale, in televisions, magazines, newspapers, radio , etc. It is the act of,persuading or calling the attention of the public regarding the product. Commercial ads seeks to generate increased consumption of their products or services through “branding”, which involves associating a product name or image with a certaing qualities on the minds of the consumers. Advertising is well related to marketing in a way that in marketing mix’s four P’s (Products, Price, Place and Promotion) , advertising is found under promotion.

Background of the Study

Television advertising focuses on two main task : creating a
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However it is impossible to become another person. This impossibility keeps our desire alive. (Girard, 1983)

Usually defined as the degree of tension in the body, is a physiological state which gives rise to attention and search in the consumer decision-making process (Wilson, 1967)

Conceptual Framework
The research paradigm that serves as guide to the study is the system’s approach or Input-Process-Output model devised by stoner, Freeman and Gilbert Jr. Cited by Brion.
The Input variable includes the age gender, civil status, frequency of purchase of Colt 45 , and frequency of viewers to watch the television.
The process variable includes the presentation, analysis, and interpretation of data gathered through questionnaire.
The output variable contains the assessment of consumer and employee satisfaction.


Assessment of consumer and employee satisfaction
Interpretation of data gathered through questionnaire
Respondent’s Profile
-Frequency of Alcohol Intake
-Frequency of purchase of Colt 45
-Frequency of viewers to watch the television


Statement of the problem:

The purpose of the study aims to determine the level of sensuality illustrated by the Vava Vroom Real Man Promo of Colt 45.
More specifically, the researchers seek to establish an answer to the following questions:

1. What is the profile of

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