Falling Angels (chapter journal) Essay

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Chapter : Resurrection (1969)

Summary: The chapter opens introducing the main characters on the story; The Family. Mother, Father and their three daughters namely; Lou, Norma, and Sandy. The three girls together with their Dad is going to the funeral of the mother. In front of the funeral, before they enter the doors are the reporters who is waiting for them to ask them about their mother’s death. What the reporters know is that their Mom save a cat and fell of the ground that’s why she died and the daughters answered it with a yes. There also some flashback in the chapter such as, “Yesterday, in their mother’s bedside table, Norma found the kidney stone that he gave their mother—for luck and instead of an engagement ring—on the night
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The teacher told them that they should stay under a desk and do not go anywhere until they are told to do so to evacuate the building; they should not go home because it is dangerous. With that statement of their teacher they remembered that when their father told them to go home they should go home right away. It also mentioned how their father built a fallout shelter.
Comment concisely on any of the items below if pertinent:
2. Character Analysis: What characters are of interest to you in this chapter? Do you understand why they are acting the way they are (motives)? Can you develop a psychological profile of any of them? Which ones merit your empathy? Why? (50 words) In this chapter, I am interested in their father’s action because it is making me understand more why Lou hates him. This chapter is letting the readers know that their Dad is really strict. I don’t understand why their father acting that way. It is really weird why is he acting that way to his kids. Doesn’t he know that it is hard for his daughters and it is making them really scared of him.

Chapter : White Overnight (1963)
Lou in this chapter expressed her anger towards her sister, Norma. She is telling Norma that she is ugly and fat. She is also mad at her because her sister is letting others bully her, she doesn’t fight back. Norma is also attention seeker according to Lou

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