Angels Symbolize Jesus: The Only Way To Heaven

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The angels symbolize Jesus as the only way to Heaven.
As the blood ran from His face, the thunder roared the sky grew dark, and the earth trembled before Jesus died. Why would the earth react and tremble and the atmosphere be moved so violently right before Jesus died? A lot was happening in the spiritual realm while Jesus hang on the cross I believe the demons and devil pondered and murmured while they waited for Jesus spirit to release from his body then took Him to hell in our stead. Jesus payed the ultimate price for us and bought us back from the devil.
Jesus died in Jerusalem 30 A.D. Upon his death evil principalities, and powers of darkness (demons)took Jesus from the cross into hell when he gave up the Ghost.
At that exact time, the angel of the Lord rolled the stone away from the grave. Rolling the stone away means completion. Then the angel sat on the stone he rolled from the grave. Sitting on the stone symbolizes the gate to heaven but only through Jesus.
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That is all our sins are forgiven past present and future sins when you believe that Jesus came down in the flesh and died for us, and was resurrected or incarnated and is sitting on the right hand of the Father. Only thru Jesus can you get to God the Father.
The angel sat on the entrance to heaven ( stone ) Symbolizes Jesus, the only way to heaven. God being the supreme Godhead made himself flesh through Jesus his son. Jesus bought back the earth His original creation, paid the price and separated us from darkness uniting the Jews and the Genitals. and is now sitting on the right hand of the

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