Fall Museum Visit At Jule Collins Smith Museum Essay

702 Words Nov 8th, 2016 3 Pages
Fall Museum Visit In the visit to Jule Collins Smith Museum I was fascinated off the bat to the two men dressed as bunnies in the lake and it is a very eye catching for the museum. Although that is not the piece of art that is what I wanted to discuss. As I walked into the museum I was surprised there was not more art up and showing. I continued towards the galleries and was caught by the beautiful music being played. Music is art also just as much as what they have in the galleries and it is beautiful to hear someone standing in front of the playing the music that comes to them. In the gallery, my eye was caught by so many beautiful pieces of art and even art that has you asking what is the thought when this is created. I saw so many different pieces but one I see was what looked like crystal pieces on a table some crushed and some melted to the table and even pieces in great condition. The question I was asking is what does this piece mean to the artist, what does it mean to others? To me I felt destruction, as in the beauty of something so easily destroyed. There were other pieces I didn’t quite understand or had the eye to see what it was supposed to be. It was so many things from pictures drawn to canvases I didn’t know what they were. In all that the first piece of art that I wanted to discuss was the photo of a baseball field. That picture was no the first one that had me notice. It was the two-right next to it of the same picture just a close-up on the stadium…

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