Faith, Freedom, and Public School Notes Essay

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Session 1 Notes
Legally Supported

Abington School District v. Schempp

Many people think this is the case that the Bible had been thrown out of public schools, but it was really the type of Bible reading that had been thrown out of Schools. There was a PA law that said, “At least ten verses from the Holy Bible shall be read, without comment, at the opening of each public school on each school day. Any child shall be excused from such Bible reading, or attending such Bible reading, upon the written request of his parent or guardian.” Edward Schempp challenged
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But some will only allow you to have posters up if it relates to the lesson, so if it relates to a religious lesson then its ok.
- Can I put a notice of a Bible study or a Christmas pageant or some kind of church-related seminar in the teacher’s lounge? Yes, but first determine what the rules are for what is allowed in the teacher’s lounge. If someone is allowed to post about a birthday party or can leave books and pamphlets then yes you can post. There is more freedom when it is teacher-teacher.

-Can I say the word Easter when referring to things that deal with Easter, or should I change it to spring, such as spring baskets and spring bunnies? No you are not required to cleanse any mention of religious holidays. It is ok to call the school vacations Easter break or Christmas break.

-Can I wear a religious themed shirt during casual Fridays or anytime? It depends, but most likely not. If the school allows it then ok. You also have to consider the context of your shirt, it should not be evangelical.

-Would this apply to also religiously-themed jewelry if I have a fish necklace or a cross or something like that? A little less. Jewelry is more acceptable and common than it is wearing shirts that have messages on them as a teacher.

-Can a teacher who is dealing with the issue of evolution, in a science course or unit, also introduce

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