Fairness and Transparency in University Admission Policy: Are the Public Universities in Bangladesh Making a Shift?

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Fairness and transparency in university admission policy: Are the public universities in Bangladesh making a shift?
An editorial piece

Submitted by Raihan Mahmood Kadery MARIHE-2 Beijing Normal University

Submitted to Prof. Lauren lla Misiazek Faculty of Education Beijing Normal University

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Fairness and transparency in university admission has recently become a burning issue in civil society, higher education community and even parliament in Bangladesh. Public universities in Bangladesh have been highly criticized for admitting students in different social sciences and arts departments who are not motivated enough to continue in those departments and later drop out themselves. Those departments i.e. political science,
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Students, who get better subjects in other prestigious public universities, drop out themselves from their earlier admissions and move to the new one.

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Another reason is that all the public universities allow students to participate in admission tests for the second time in the next academic year, if they are not satisfied with their performance in the first time. This policy encourages the students to get admitted into any subject they get in the first time, and later taking preparation throughout the whole year for their desired subjects in the next university admission tests. Once they get the better subjects, they leave the current one; and universities can never fill up the gaps.

The current admission system is furthermore criticised for its creation of inequality in competition. Students, who participate second time in the university admission tests, can prepare themselves throughout the year and then compete with the fresh high school leavers in the test who can take preparation for only 2-3 months; and thus creates inequality in the competition.

As a consecutive action to minimise this dropout and inequality in competition, and making the admission policy more transparent and fair, two of the most prestigious public universities in Bangladesh (University of Dhaka and Jahangirnagar University) have very recently declared that only the

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