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In the fair use trial, Disney is competing with professor Faden over his “A Fair(y) use Tale” Movie. In this movie Professor Faden uses little pieces of Disney's work to create a film about fair use. We should use the four factors of fair use to find the answer to our problem.
The first factor of fair use is the purpose and character of the use. I think this is done correctly. He stated that “the purpose of this work is to entertain people, and educate viewers about fair use principles”.When I watched the video it did not just entertain but it also taught me more about fair use in a fun way. This video clip is being used in classes to teach kids about fair use and copyright.
The second factor of fair use is the nature of the copyrighted work. Professor Faden used a fictional work, and he is using it to create a factual work. The work is being copied for a informational and entertaining way. Their for, the work is fair use.
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If you look at the film only 9 minutes of it was copyright. They were all from a different movie and every little clip is below 15 seconds each. If you look at the case of Elsmere Music, Inc. vs. National Broadcasting Co. they were having the same problem. Comedians on Saturday Night Live parodied the song “I Love New York” using the words “I Love Sodom.” Only four musical notes and the words “I love” were used. That case was considered fair use. The important factors to think about in that case is the Saturday Night Live version did not compete with or detract from the original song. If you look at the case with Fagen and Disney it should be considered fair use because the work was not interfering with disney. It probably even helped them

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