Facts About Obisety Essay

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Nicole Andrews
English 114
15 March 2014
What factors can lead to obesity?
Obesity has become an epidemic battle that experts are still trying to understand. What causes obesity? Various combinations can cause this problem. This epidemic affects half the population. To help end an epidemic battle with obesity we need to find out its leading factors. So many factors lead to obesity it can be a complex combination of lifestyle choices.

Many people now a days aren't physically active spending hours in front of their television or computer spending most of the day doing work, school work, or leisure actives. From my own experience I spend about 2 or more hours in front of the television or computer. People who are inactive
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Not having accesses to supermarkets that have healthy food will cause someone to continue eating the fatty and unhealthy meals. Who is to say which one is healthier Organic-vs-Natural? Most people do not eat healthy because they cannot afford it, because healthy foods are costly. We are surrounded by negative food advertisements every day. Companies have no idea how their advertisement have bad impact on how we choose food today. Their goals are to sway people to buy high calorie foods.
Most people are labeled as an emotional eater, and being an emotional eater leads to weight gain, which leads to obesity, People eat when they’re bored, anger, upset, stressed, depressed
As we get older our metabolism slows down, and we tend not to burn as much fat as we would if were younger. “You tend to lose muscle, especially if you're less active” (NIH: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute). They say lack of sleep is a factor in obesity. “Research shows that lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity. For example, one study of teenagers showed that with each hour of sleep lost, the odds of becoming obese went up. Lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity in other age groups as well” (NIH: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute). Lack of sleep can lead to obesity because people find there self-sitting up bored and when you’re bored you eat.
When you read the back of labels on a pill bottle most of them

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