Factors That Influence Family Dynamics Essay

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Conventional wisdom has it that there are many factors that influence family dynamics, the place of work for parents tends to have an impact on how much time parents can have with their child/children, how much income is available for the family, and how happy and successful their bonds are between their children and spouses are. The way the family dynamic of the three types of work situations have an affect on the children, marriages and finances. The prosperity and the emotional development depends on the involvement of the parents.
When both parents work outside of the home children can sometimes feel as though they are second best to their parents job/career due to the time commitment a job requires. From what I have witnessed, children of working parents tend to feel as though the parent doesn 't have time for them, causing them to rebel. I had a friend in high school that was a child of working parents, both mother and father, so she often felt she didn’t have rules. This thought caused her to act as though she was essentially her own parent. When she invited me over to her home there wasn 't an adult. We were not quite in middle school so my parents didn 't want me to be there without an adult present. If we wanted to hangout she always came to my home. Financially, this work arrangement is ideal. It allows two incomes to come into the household, making it easier to pay bills. If the burden of where they are going to find the money to pay the bills trickles down to…

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