Essay Factors That Influence Consumer Behavior

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Cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors all influence consumer behavior and affect the perceptions that customers have of the quality of brands. One factor that often influences consumer perception of the quality, credibility, and value of a product is the place where it is made – the Country of Origin Effect. The Country of Origin Effect deals with the negative or positive influence that the country of manufacture, assembly, or design leaves on a consumer’s idea of the quality of a product. The quality perceptions of products differs by product category and quality level of the country of production.
Country of Origin Effect, also known as the “made-in” image, is a psychological effect that describes how consumers ' perceptions and purchasing decisions are influenced by products ' labeling. According to Future Brand, there are four particular attributes that define a strong Country of Origin Effect: authenticity, differentiation, quality standards, and expertise. Authenticity has to do with producing products based on certain standards that are connected to the country’s history, people, or geographical situation. Differentiation has to do with distinguishing differences from competitors through unique strategy, culture, and heritage. Quality standards has to do with the brand maintaining its commitment to meeting the safety, production, assembly, manufacturing stands and transparency with the public. Finally, expertise has to do with the brands being…

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