Factors That Increase The Revenue And Bring For More Customers

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We recommend that the following changes occur in order to increase the revenue and bring in more customers:
1. Decrease the prices to be more reasonable, when compared to other restaurants in the area, especially for main courses.
2. As the restaurant increases in customers then increase the staff needed.
3. Wear uniform, dress shirts with restaurant name, or formal clothing, so that all staff is identified and looks professional.
4. Offer discounts and daily specials.
5. Redecorate to provide a more cultural dining experience for the customers, could include music, seating, and decorations.
6. Redesign the exterior of the building, by painting and decorating to bring more attention to the restaurant.
7. Create a new sign that will catch the eye of the public.
8. Advertise through the Bowling Green Daily News, Coupon Mint, SOKY, WBKO, WKU, and in businesses such as hookah bars and international stores.
9. Advertise by attending events such as International Festival in Bowling Green and donating food to the local schools for international night.
10. Create carry out menus or offer delivery to some businesses during the lunch hour.
11. Use social media for advertising, by creating a Facebook account that shows various photos of the meals and allows comments and suggestions. This can include daily specials.
12. Spread the word through the Indian and Arabic communities in Bowling Green that the restaurant can hold parties and provide food.

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