Restaurant Industry Analysis Paper

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Food is a basic necessity. The industry which deals with preparing food items or products refers to the food service industry. The food service industry is and will always remain in high demand because of its genre. These industries include restaurants, fast foods, school cafeterias, catering operations, food carts and food trucks, etc. Restaurants and fast food mainly contribute to the food service industry (Arboleda, 2013).

A restaurant is a perfect place to visit by people who wants to eat and experience new foods, drinks and desserts to satisfy their needs. Satisfaction will depend on the customers’ expectations through the products. Whenever the expectations were met, then, the customers’ satisfaction will be the result.

There are factors
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The restaurant environment can also affect the perception or mood of customers when they dine in fast food chains and restaurants. The perception or mood of customers can be mostly affected by the cleanliness and ambience of the place (Chow Keng Yong, 2013). The appearance or physical environment of the restaurant is not only to keep current restaurant’s customers; it is also a useful factor to attract new customers, since some customers of casual dining restaurants do not only look on the food or service but also consider on how pleasant and innovative the place is for them to patronize a restaurant and be its loyal customers. Some improvements on the arrangement of interior decoration, proper lighting and colors might help to generate an excellent customer’s dining experience as it triggers the customer satisfaction and influence in positive post-purchase stage on behavioral intentions (Canny, 2014).

Customer loyalty is the most precious intangible asset of modern enterprise. High loyalty is not only the key of enterprise completion to win, but also the fundamental guarantee of enterprise’s stability (Yingsheng Du & Youchun Tang, 2014). Customer satisfaction also positively influenced customer loyalty. The research related to the customer satisfaction and behavior in the field of food industry has progress in upcoming years and also measured
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Santos became the liaison of an international employment agency. Later on, he became the Board of Director of the agency. The agency decided to swap him with his counterpart in Japan. The opportunity to work in Japan for four months made him appreciate the Japanese culture, especially, its cuisines. The CEO of the international employment agency decided to diversify to the restaurant business. For almost five years, Mr. Santos became the general manager of the restaurant also owned by the agency. At the age of 32, Mr. Santos established Tirona’s Grill, Bar and Resto.

Tirona’s Grill, Bar and Resto is a Filipino-Japanese themed restaurant that has opened on September 18, 2012. He came up to this theme due to his appreciation in Japanese culture and cuisines when he was assigned in Japan. The name of the restaurant was inspired by Gen. Tirona in his heroism between the battle of Japanese and Filipinos. It is also easy for the guests to remember the restaurant’s name as it is situated along the Tirona

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