Essay on Factors That Affect My Career

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The “micro” factors that might affect my career are my strengths and weaknesses. My strengths include meeting the education requirements for the CPA exam when I graduate, networking at my current job, and gaining transferable skills. My weaknesses include little experience with Microsoft Excel, no relevant work experience, and not being a part of any organizations.
I will have 150 credits when I graduate. I will meet the credit and education requirement to take the CPA exam. This completion will be attractive to potential employers. I will begin to study for the exam after I graduate while I gain work experience at my entry level job.
I currently work at a wine and liquor store in Hoboken. I have been working her for 3 years and have been promoted twice. My boss/general manager previously worked in finance and still has contacts in the business field. He will write a recommendation letter for me and help me to find a new job when I graduate and am ready to leave the store. I will continue working here with a good work ethic and positive attitude to better my chances of keeping this connection.
I am gaining transferable skills at my current job as an assistant manager. My responsibility to train and supervise cashiers helps the development of my communication and leadership skills. Working with the other employees develops teamwork skills. My responsibility to assist managers with store ordering and other tasks helps with my organization skills. I am in charge of store…

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