Factors Influencing Choice of Course Specialization Among Third Year Hotel & Restaurant Management Students at the Cihm, San Sebastian College – Recoletos de Manila

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The Problem and its Background
For every incoming college student, choosing the best course can be a difficult decision while choosing a major and thinking about the future career is yet another difficult task to reflect on. A major is a field in which a student chooses to specialize during its undergraduate study. The choice determines the academic discipline, environmental influences and the interest in the field of the student. The major offers an opportunity to enhance the intellectual skill and to show the capability of a student to undertake a subject from the basics to advanced study. There are some students who arrive on campus and know exactly what course or major to pursue and already
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• To the College of International and Hospitality Management – this study will aid the department to develop programs that may help the students to increase their interest on their desired career. Also, this will serve as a document to develop a program that will assess the decision-making process of the students towards their ideal career in the Hospitality Industry. • To the incoming 3rd year Hotel & Restaurant Management students – this study will guide the students on which course specialization to which personality and interest would fit. This will also help them to have a better insight on what career path they want to take. • To the faculty – it can help them to discover new ways of teaching methods that would enhance the acquired skills of the hospitality students. • To the future researchers – this study serves as a guide for them in conducting similar studies.

Theoretical Framework Deciding which major to specialize in is critical part for students. Factors such as influences, information and interest play a big role in the student’s life when it comes to decision making. The following theories and concepts are hereby presented as the premise and foundation of this study. Krumboltz, Mitchell & Jones’ Social Learning Theory of Career-Decision Making (1979) explains how educational and occupational preferences and skills are acquired and how

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