Three Strategies To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

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A healthy lifestyle is not an easy thing to come by in our increasingly busy and distracted society. This effects highschool and college students especially, as they are just beginning to figure out what kind of person they are going to be and what life really is like in the real world. This challenge, which I face along side all of my peers, has required me to find the best possible ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while staying motivated in all my academic and recreational endeavors. Throughout my years as a teenager, I have devised 3 strategies to help maintain the lifestyle I want to live. Staying active through playing sports, both competitively and recreationally, eating healthier through cooking home cooked meals, and getting enough …show more content…
With the endless distraction of things such as phones, TV, homework, video games and others, it's always hard to get to sleep on time. I know that I need to get more sleep but sometimes it's right before bed that I find my only free time. This aspect is something that I really need to work on both in high school and beyond. Sometimes I procrastinate homework which leaves me not only staying up late to finish my work but keeping me stressed out, disrupting my sleep cycle. I need to practice better sleeping habits, especially heading into college, where there is more homework and more stress. I have a plan to manage my time more wisely by using a planner to keep myself organized. This allows me to get everything done efficiently on time so I am not staying up too late. I’m sleeping better without having to worry about the work I didn’t do. This will translate into my life after school as sleep improves work performance; which can be the difference between getting a raise and getting fired. So, I will continue working on getting more sleep and limiting procrastination; working towards making it a habit that will translate into my

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