Eye 7 Case Study

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1. Intro (250 Words)
Eye 7 was established 27 years ago in New Delhi with the aim to provide comprehensive and advanced ophthalmic service to the people. Since inception, Eye 7 is committed to providing unparalleled comprehensive Eye care by the experienced ophthalmologist with the aid of advanced technology.
Eye 7 has five super specialty centers in New Delhi providing excellent ophthalmic services to the patients. Our centers have state of the art infrastructure and equipped with the latest and advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities like EX500 laser (Wavelight-Germany), the LenSx (Alcon-USA) Bladeless Femto laser, and the Femto laser FS 200 (Wavelight-Germany). We are one of the few eye care hospitals that provide all the facilities
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At Eye 7 we provide expert consultancy and guided treatment for an array of eye disorders that include specs removal, vision correction, cataract, glaucoma, squint, retina, cornea, Neuro Ophthalmology, Oculo-plasty, and low vision aids. We provide safe and use sophisticated technology like Femto EX500 Lasik Laser or Laser FS 200 and EX500 laser (Wavelight-Germany) for providing efficient treatment for refractive errors and cataract.
We understand the importance of a healthy vision in one’s life for the reason, bring together the best of advanced technology and the expertise of experienced surgeons and eye specialist so as to provide efficient treatment to the patients. We have performed thousands of eye surgeries and have helped people to regain their normal life with a clear vision.
Patients from different countries like the USA, European, Gulf, and African countries have also been benefitted with our impeccable ophthalmic services and returned contented with better vision. The eye 7 team is committed to providing advanced treatment under comfortable setting to all patients at an affordable
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All centers have been outfitted with ultra-modern eye care facilities and offer efficient treatment to the patients suffering from eye ailments.
We are among the few eye care hospitals that have access to avant-garde technology like the Femto laser FS 200 (Wavelight-Germany), EX500 laser (Wavelight-Germany) and LenSx (Alcon-USA) Bladeless Femto laser. We recognize the importance of clear and healthy eyesight and to provide that our team of eye care specialist ensures that the patients receive the best treatment for their problem. They do a thorough examination and suggest the best available treatment for the ailment.
At eye 7 hospital, we provide comprehensive consultancy and treatment for a wide range of eye problems, for instance, vision correction, specs removal (LASIK, and ICL treatment) cataract, Neuro Ophthalmology, glaucoma, retina, squint, cornea, low vision aids, and Oculo-plasty.
With numerous successful eye, surgeries performed Eye 7 has helped many patients by gifting them a healthy and clear vision. Our focus remains on maintaining high safety standards, improving and bring in the advanced treatment and diagnostic technologies for providing our patients efficient treatment and eye care under one

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