External and Personal Factors Affecting Development - Lo2 - 3.3 Level 3 Diploma

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Unit 1 Understand Children and Young Person Development


2.1 Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Personal Factors

If a mother drinks heavily during pregnancy the alcohol she consumes will passed across the placenta and into the Foetus via the bloodstream, as the foetus’s organs are not fully formed so the liver is unable to process the alcohol making the unborn child have a extremely high alcohol concentration in its bloodstream, the knock on effect of this is that the foetus’s brain will lack oxygen and nutrients for it to grow properly. Also another factor of this syndrome is that mothers who are drinking early in the pregnancy also
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Children will have experienced similar themselves, there are many factors that may cause domestic violence, poverty being one of them, one parent may feel trapped in a relationship that they are unable break free from, drugs and alcohol may also be involved but that alone will not be the reason for the violence but will have an adverse affect on the situation. Children who witness this are also likely to copy the behaviours seen in the family home.

In looking after a child that has experienced domestic violence, I would ensure that I had help from professionals such as social and therapeutic workers, also provide an environment in which the child could feel safe and secure, while giving them a secure base. These children will experience fear and anxiety, emotional and psychological damage these children will require long-term support and sensitive care.

Neglect External Factors:

Some adults struggle to manage their lives and that of their children, which can lead to a chaotic home life for children. Possible causes for this could be that the parents up bringing was inadequate, Parents may be suffering from mental

health issues, and this could lead to them to being unable to meet their child’s physical and emotional needs.

In caring for a neglected child I would work closely with health, social work, and therapeutic professionals. Neglected children may suffer from a variety of

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