Explain The Basis On Which The Need For Marketing Stakeholder Relationships Are Identified And Prioritised

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1.1: Explain the basis on which the need for marketing stakeholder relationships are identified and prioritised
Marketing and stakeholder relationships are identified when the relationship is beneficial to the organisations business goals. These stakeholders could be internal such as colleagues and management or they could be external such as shareholders and customers. Prioritisation is identified based on what stakeholder relationship is more beneficial to the organisation than others. These relationships are developed from working with the stakeholders and acting upon feedback given.
At Havering, the relationships between the local authority and the schools was the most prioritised as it was the responsibility of the departments I worked in to work the help benefit the schools as well as the students who attended these schools.
1.2: Explain the use of stakeholder mapping in developing ways of building relationships
Stakeholder mapping can used to discover whether a stakeholder is necessary to build a relationship with and can also help identify the interests and influence of the stakeholder. You can also find out how valuable a stakeholder is by mapping. By identifying these traits you can build relationships with the stakeholders by involving their suggestions in making decisions and agreeing organisational objectives. In order to maintain these relationships, you should keep informing an organisation of any decisions that require their involvement and respond quickly to…

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