Case Study: Powerlink Queensland Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

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This paper aims to highlight key requirements a Powerlink Queensland Stakeholder Engagement Plan and compare it to a generic plan.
PLQ values its stakeholders and strives to meet stakeholder expectation regardless of change. The scope of engagement remains optimistic of the ability to fulfill its corporate and mutual obligations. As an ethical transmission utility in Queensland, it publishes the challenges it is going through during this fiscal year and the plan is reviewed in 2017.
The engagement approach involves research and mapping, select activities, implementation and evaluation; and report back. Stakeholders for the utility are customer representatives in the form of Energy Consumer Australia and Council of the Aging, just but to name
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2.1 Stakeholder Engagement Plan Requirements Figure 1 BSR’s Five Step Approach (Source:
Requirements are a partial need to satisfy the objectives (Kerzner 2013).
Engagement strategy should be measured on how it impacts on operations and the exercise should be cost effective. Stein and Hatch (1997) model of change describes how change is multidirectional, continuous, and occurs at three levels: organization, environment and individual.
Stakeholder mapping is about identifying stakeholders by describing, categorizing and listing stakeholders and discussing why and how they are critical for the policy being developed (Ielite et al 2015).
Preparation proactively aligns the engagement process into action planning, by documenting the results and feed backing, whilst mitigating potential risk and SWOT analyzing the whole process as shown in Figure 1.
2.2 Requirements Compliance
PLQ plan is vastly different the above mentioned plan. PLQ 's plan has five sections. There is Introduction section with Purpose, Scope, References, and Defined terms, Roles and Responsibilities and Challenges as
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Objectives detail the actions and timeframes to achieve them are outlined. Engagement timeline is interval of document updates. Engagement evaluation checks on the KPI 's and used to measure the engagement success.
PLQ 's plans meet all of the above requirements and surpass them as well. The requirements are reviewed on year to year basis so as to meet stakeholder expectations.
2.3 Plan Effectiveness
Concerted effort to improve stakeholder engagement has given confidence to a diverse stakeholders and fulfilling stakeholders expectations. In view of the findings in this paper, the PLQ 's plan is effective. There is now an open door policy and politics is at bay when dealing with some influential stakeholders.
The following recommendations seek to bridge the gaps in the plan. There must be a Complains Management Review section in the plan. With the kind of service provision PLQ offers, there is the likelihood of complains emanating from landowners.
There is audit section because when dealing with high profile stakeholders, there is need to do things right for the first time

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