Explain How the Ritz Carlton's Management Objectives and Goals Allow the Hotel Properties to Achieve Superior Service Regardless of the Workforce or Culture of a Country in Which It Operates Its Hotels. Use Reference

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Explain how the Ritz Carlton's management objectives and goals allow the hotel properties to achieve superior service regardless of the workforce or culture of a country in which it operates its hotels.

The legendary hotel company Ritz-Carlton made it clear that being an industry leader and a standard for customer service did not happen over night or come without risk. In fact, the early founders of the company established a lasting legacy by developing a distinct set of guiding concepts, which they called their “Gold Standards.” These standards continue to serve as the basis for the ongoing and international success of Ritz-Carlton. As President Simon Cooper notes, “You can’t put the veneer of quality on a business that lacks a sound
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People are spending a lot of money today. And they don't mind spending it, provided they get value for their dollar. In today's world, however, value doesn't always match price. The experience at Ritz-Carlton is true value for us as travel partners and for our clients (Watson, 2008)."
The Ritz-Carlton offers the best of the best. In terms of Total Quality Management they believe in 5 principals; define and refine, empower through Trust, it’s not about you, deliver WOW!, and leave a lasting footprint. These guideposts, while inspired by the journey and leadership of Ritz-Carlton, have application across all industries and geographical boundaries. They reflect an opportunity for you to strengthen and touch the lives of your staff, teams, customers, shareholders, community, and the bottom line. In the words of César Ritz, "People like to be served, but invisibly (Watson, 2008)." Whether it's through washing bed linens or creating an international strategic plan, these principles can connect you to your invisible power as you fully serve staff and customers alike. Let's explore each of these principles derived from the Ritz-Carlton New Gold Standard to maximize your ability to drive relevance, quality, and, of course, world-class service, throughout your business and personal life (Watson, 2008). All of their staff are trained in the same manner. I know from personally staying with them in several countries both on

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