explain how the principle of support are applied to ensure that service users are care for in this care home

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Description of problem to be solved


Scenario: ABC Care Home is situated in London and caters to care needs of vulnerable people. The service users come from diverse ethnic and religious background and have varied physical and medical needs. (You may choose the category of service users you work with).
Assuming you are a care worker working in this Care Home providing care services to the service users:

1.1 Explain how principles of support are applied to ensure that service users are cared for in this Care Home.
1.2 Outlines the procedures that are adopted in this care home for protecting your clients and your colleagues from harm.
1.3 Analyse the benefit of following a person-centred approach with the service
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Inspectors who visited ABC Care Home considered taking urgent action to close the center, but decided that it was in the best interests of the patients to allow NHS and local authority commissioners further time to find alternative placements.
CQC ensured that there would be an immediate stop on admissions and that extra staff would be brought in to protect patients until they could be moved.
The report which is published today finds that ABC Care Home Ltd was not compliant with 10 of the essential standards which the law requires providers must meet. CQC’s findings can be found below.
The managers did not ensure that major incidents were reported to the Care Quality Commission as required.
Planning and delivery of care did not meet people's individual needs.
They did not have robust systems to assess and monitor the quality of services.
They did not identify, and manage, risks relating to the health, welfare and safety of patients.
They had not responded to or considered complaints and views of people about the service.
Investigations into the conduct of staff were not robust and had not safeguarded people.
They did not take reasonable steps to identify the possibility of abuse and prevent it before it occurred.
They did not respond appropriately to allegations of abuse.
They did not have arrangements in place to protect the people against unlawful or excessive use of restraint.

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