Managing Change Essay

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Assessment 1
Managing Change
What organizational factors must be taken into consideration when developing a comprehensive approach to managing change?
Organisation change occurs for the future aim of the company from its current state. Managing organisation change is the process of planning and implementing change in organisation in such a way that employee productivity increases and expenses of the organisation decreases. Attention needs to be given to organisation structure, hierarchy, employee’s satisfaction etc. so that change can occur successfully.
Change in any organisational management depends upon the management approach towards employees, labour, project implementation etc. If the people in management are autocratic then there
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Being a construction company, it is involved in construction projects. Up to a decade the company was run by an autocratic Managing Director where employees were not happy, the productivity of the company was low and there was lack of cooperation between the employee and management team. In 1996 there was change of Managing Director and after that till 2000 the company’s productivity was increasing not only in terms of profit but also the managers and team members where trained for future development of the company. There was an advancement of skills provided by proper training. The new MD also brought in the “partnership” initiatives which led to more cooperation & team based management among the contracts & subcontracts so that disputes occurred less and everything went smoothly. In XYZ there is evidence of many management approaches being used like, Human relations approach, Classical approach, & Japanese (Kaizen) approach. The Kaizen approach appears to be the best one as the MD focuses more on team work, advancement of skills on managerial level, new techniques etc. as per (Burnes 2009) key elements of Kaizen …show more content…
The CEO of the company who was working for past 25 years was replaced by the American CEO who was second to PCI, this moment was very shocking to the entire staff and the new CEO was totally different from the previous one. New CEO changed the hierarchy, team responsibilities etc. In Process Control Inc there are lot of changes in the company due to which company faces loss and is unstable. The new CEO also left the company after a year, which led to competition within the company between Materials manager & Production manager. Company also hired part time CEO for a year and after that company hired Materials manager as a CEO by which for the production manager was very upsetting. After the appointment of CEO, the Materials manager he had some options left, but was not sure that the seniors would give him another chance as per his plan of success for

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