`` Experience `` And Robert Frost 's `` The Road Not Taken ``

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Deciding the Journey The decisions that people make in their lives determine their future. However, many teenagers struggle with determining important choices for themselves because it is usually done for them. The most common mistake people make is that they think there is only one option for each individual; anyone can have any future depending on their own decisions. In both Dorothy Livesay’s “Experience” and Robert frost’s “The Road Not Taken”, they express the difficulty in making crucial decisions when it comes to their future. The poets use point of view and metaphors to express one’s need to determine one’s own journey of life, however the poets differ in how they express their emotions during these experiences by using either contrast or foreshadowing. After studying the poems, it is clear that Livesay and Frost use point of view to communicate the thought process someone goes through while deciding their future. For example, in the poem “Experience”, Livesay uses the point of view of an individual who is uncertain if she is following the right path. The following quote illustrates her uncertainty, “‘For your own good’, they said/My heart felt hollow/So I went away on my own road” It is visible that gradually throughout the poem, she realizes that the “better” option is not always the happier choice. She quotes, “For your own good”, continuing to feel uncertain if that is actually the right choice for her. She is showing the reader that to get the future they wish…

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