Exit Polling Is A Phenomenon Essay

930 Words Dec 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Exit polling is a phenomenon I have watched for many years, but this year was the first time I have ever participated in it. Lt. Governor Spencer Cox is one of my favorite local politicians and he is a fan of the BYU exit polling so I was especially curious to find out more about it. Data entry of the exit polls was my assignment so while there was no actual interaction with voters, I did have questions arise as I mentally kept track of my data sample, and found myself wondering what it would look like in other parts of the country and with different candidates on the ballot.
Upon arrival at the Cache County Clerk’s office I was immediately surprised by how full the parking lot was. I found a spot on the west side of the parking lot and was lucky to get it.
The line to cast ballots extended down the entire length of the hallway which I found puzzling as there was a ballot drop off box in the parking lot. In addition to having the ballots hand delivered to our homes via the United States Post Office, how much easier could this process be?
Cache County was one of eight counties across the state that was participating in a pilot program for same day registration and voting. Perhaps it is the mother in me, but, I want to know how informed they were when they voted. Were the local ballot initiatives ones they understood or even read? After entering the results this question would become more important to me.
As I made my way through the doors and the long people sandwich to…

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