21st-Grade Integrated Classroom

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This unit is designed to suit the learning needs of a fifth-grade integrated classroom. The theme I chose for this unit is "Volcano" and I chose this theme because, in science, the students are currently studying natural disasters with a focus on volcanoes. In English Language Arts, the students are currently working on comparing and contrasting, and as a result, this theme was designed to provide opportunities for students to build on that skill. The theme allows for students to use a plethora of English Language Art skills such as reading, writing, speaking, listening and researching online information surrounding the topic.
I think this unit will benefit the learners because it provides them with various opportunities to interact with technologies,
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In unit one, we discussed 21st- century learners and who they are. 21st-century learners are learners who are constantly interacting with technologies. In my comment on who 21st-century learners are, I mentioned that 21st-century learners should think about the technology they are working with on a deeper level than just copy and paste. This unit allows students to think critically about the software they are using as lesson four ask for students to create a presentation using various presentation tools. Additionally, in session three, we discussed how we can help students find reliable information from internet sites and why it is important to consider the authenticity of information in the teaching of English Language and Literacy. Knowing that not everything displayed on the internet is reliable or suitable for the unit, I will provide the students with the necessary tools needed to evaluate they websites they will use to conduct their research, or I will provide them with the website I want them to …show more content…
The instructional activities are related to the lessons’ objectives. The activities outlined are beneficial to students with different learning styles. (IRA 2.2). The unit allows students to use a variety of technologies to gather information, and apply it towards their learning. Technology will also be used to promote collaboration and enhance student critical thinking skills. (IRA 2.3). The assessments that will be used are related to the lessons objective and standards were used for a specific purpose. (IRA 3.2). The unit is designed to meet the needs of all students as differentiated instruction and materials are provided in every lesson plan (IRA 4.2). Students will use a variety of digital and traditional tools for reading and writing activities during individual, and small groups. (IRA 5.1). The activities and objectives stated in the lesson are set so that it can be accomplished in the allotted time (IRA

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