Exercise Is An Activity Requiring Physical Effort Essay

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“Exercise is an activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness” (“Exercise,” 2016). Today, more studies on physical exercise explain the influences on individuals. Physical fitness generates strength to support corporeal needs and to prevent the negative effects of lacking exercises. Moreover, people gain self-esteem and produce better results in physical activities (Lamb, 2016, p. 433). This paper briefly outlines the important of exercise. Furthermore, it discusses specific benefits and risks of exercise, and the suitability of a range of exercise options for the elderly.
Regular physical exercise has many advantages of preventing and minimizing risks of many diseases, and enhancing physical and mental health. According to World Health Organization (2016, para. 1), in 2008, approximately 31% of adults were considered to be inadequate activity worldwide. Inadequate activity has caused 3.2 million deaths every year and is one of the principle causes of noncommunicable diseases. Moreover, insufficient activity is seen as a contributing factor to cancers, such as breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes or coronary heart disease (World Health Organization [WHO], 2010, p. 10).
Across all the age groups, maintaining sufficient exercises is a crucial element in modern life. It can help individuals manage weight, moderate mental health and mood, decrease the rate of cardiovascular diseases and cancers, restore physical energy to prevent falls…

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