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Physical activity is the movement of the body that uses energy, provides us energy, helps us fight off diseases, helps lower our blood pressure. What most people don’t realize is that exercise can also improve our mood. So how much running around does one need? Well, one should consider at least 30 minutes of frequent exercise every day to help your health and boost your happiness (pickthebrain).
As low as six minutes of workout session could help reach your similar goals as your workout of 80 minutes. (Webmd) Short, but frequent boosts of exercise could benefit your health. Yet, 80% of the American population doesn 't even take part in any aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. (CBSnews)
Why problems with blood pressure do you ask yourself?
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I did the same routine for the rest of the week exercising at least 30 minutes or more of frequent exercise. At the end of the week, I felt so much better, I wasn 't frustrated, my mood was better than the week before and my face was clearing up from all the junk food I was eating the week before. In conclusion, I felt that the experiment actually worked. The first week of the experiment was a rough start my lack of energy, anxious if I had passed my tests, and more. The second week which involved exercising was amazing in all the ways. Everything I felt the first week was the opposite in the second week. Until now I am still exercising for 30 minutes or I run around the neighborhood with my mom. Exercise leads to happiness in many ways; it brings a lot of benefits to our health and boosts our happiness.
Our body release endorphins in our brain for the feeling of “good.” It gives us more energy than ever plus if you need to think or frustrated just exercise it will help you think of your problems. Also, it can possibly help reach your goal of slimming down, some of that extra body fat we have and will increase your confidence. Since I have done it before exercising 30 minutes or more

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