FIFA Organizational Context

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Risk Management Organisational Context:-
The FIFA organisational context refers to the scope of the body, such as
• FIFA (Parent organisation)
• Enterprise and a sub-organisation
• Work unit and Work Role
Three Perspectives:-
To gain the comprehensive understanding of the organisation context for World Cup
Strategic- Focus on the long-term need within the organisation to ensure things.
Tactical- Focuses on the event, FIFA World within the organisation to ensure the effectiveness.
Operational- Focuses on the users tasks within the organisational context to ensure efficiency.

Strategic Perspective-
 Review the vision, mission, charter, purpose, values and historical evolution for the organisation context.
 Identify the internal and external
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 Observe workers performing the actual tasks; speak with them while doing the work to understand their frustrations and why work is done certain ways.

Risk Management Pre Event:-
Local Government Requirements

Inform local government of event and gain approval
Check with your local Visitor Information Centre to check if there are any other events scheduled for the same date and location

Prepare an event budget and monitor your spending amount

Select a location or venue for your event
Transportation, that will people travel long distances to your event easily there should be parking and easy access from mass transit
Event Agenda

The main goal of the event is to make successful
Develop event timeline and book entertainment
Collect written confirmation from entertainment
Submit deposit for their services if needed

Create sponsorship proposal
Identify potential sponsors
Deliver sponsorship packages and follow up within one week
Use sponsor testimonials and always acknowledge sponsors
Marketing & Promotion

Develop Marketing / Communication Plan
Design promotional material, basic text,
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Generally, there are three stages planning process:-
The first planning cycle focuses on infrastructure and it deals with events that have an advanced completion time and therefore need to begin immediately urban mobility, stadium, airport, and ports are included in this cycle. For this event, investments have already been formalized by means of the responsibility environment
The second cycle directs to infrastructure, health and safety actions. These are projects that are in the completion phase and the deals with security, tourism, technology, health, environmental sustainability.
The third cycle focuses on actions that must be planned in advance but that can only be implemented during the period just before the completion, such as airway routes both transportation and urban mobility operations.
The important measures to improve legislation were taken to assurance agility, along with transparency and stubbornness, to secure the best use of public resource. One of the main advances was the differentiated.
Stadium Map:-


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