Examples Of Gun Control In America

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Guns in America?
“Gun control means control. It means control for the government and the government starts controlling the people”(Luke Scott). America is the country of dreams and without firearms our country would turn into chaos. Gun control is a topic that can be viewed wrongly, gun control to certain extents makes sense but when a legal, mentally capable citizen is impaired of a firearm it can become a problem. Guns can be used in such ways to positively affect owners and people around them. No matter what is done guns are around and bad people will find ways to get their hands on them. Therefore, guns should not be banned in America from the legal mentally stable citizen, because guns protect from terrorists and intruders, gun bans have
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A later example relating to gun control would be the 1929 ban of guns in the Soviet Union. They were banned by Joseph Stalin in 1929, this lead to a lot of death and tens of millions of Soviet dissidents or anyone believed to be a threat, were rounded up and either murdered or placed in labor camps and forced to work (Heyes). Yet another extreme example of how the dictator leaders have used gun bans to kill millions. Lets look at a more modern form of strict gun control by Australia. In 1996 Australia put out a Gun buyback program. This is basically where the government paid citizens to turn in their firearms. Statistically this did little to no good, one may say that it reduced the homicide rate by single digits which it did. Although there were a couple less deaths the country became weaker as a whole. The US and the fact that there are so many firearms strengthens the country and scares enemies away. An example of how armed citizens provide protect was is in “WW II Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto advised his country’s leaders against invading the U.S., supposedly saying You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass."(Gun Control). Australia has little to no of that scare ability that the US has due to their gun

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