Examples Of Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover

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Everyone has grown up and has heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” at some point in their lives. Usually it’s about something unattractive covering something compelling on the inside, but have you ever thought that something beautiful could have ugly insides? What the ad by British Petroleum, “Advertisings Basic Fifteen Appeals” by Jib Fowles, and “What 's Wrong with "Deceptive" Advertising?” by Daniel Attas have essentially helped me learn even more so is to not judge a book by its cover; advertisers can make something look shiny and alluring in order for them to get their way.
Devious individuals play your emotions into getting what they desire. “Advertisings Fifteen Basic Appeals” is an example of all the ways advertisers deceive you by playing into our feelings towards things. Moreover on the topic of not judging a book by its cover, the cover is what is
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The Beyond Petroleum ad is an embodiment of trickery used in ads to make us want to buy their product. They use enthralling language to enchant you into wanting to buy petroleum: “beyond darkness…light…beyond petroleum” (BP). Expressions such as these are used to target your “need to achieve” (Fowles 372). Even if you didn’t want to buy petroleum the inspiring message that is delivered makes you want to buy petroleum even though you don’t need petroleum. When the producer gets you to buy their petroleum you ultimately realize that just by buying their petroleum you actually didn’t change as a person, and you didn’t succeed any more than you were before. By using inspirational quotes like: “Beyond fear, courage” and “Beyond a crisis, a solution” (BP) you are even more so drawn into the ad because you become inspired to go above and beyond with the product. It should be collectively known not to let the ‘cover’ of the book trick you no matter how enticing it

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