Phoebe Prince Case

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Justice Served or Not Served Clink… was the sound of a can hitting the pavement when 15-year-old Phoebe Prince was walking from school to her home apartment. Phoebe, her mother, and four siblings moved to the US in autumn of 2009. She attended school at South Hadley High School when her life was turned upside down. Phoebe was bullied in school as well as social media, such as Facebook. The two groups of girls bullied her because she went out with two boys that they happened to know. For three months Phoebe was verbally abused and threatened with physical abuse and received harsh text messages. On January 14, 2010, Phoebe was walking home when all of a sudden… a car slowed down (NBC News.) Cyber crimes are committed everyday in several types …show more content…
As told Phoebe went home and walked up to her second floor in her home apartment where she hung herself and was found soon later by her 12-year-old sister. Phoebe’s life could have been saved if someone would of helped her, if someone would of just listened to her and tried harder to help her. In result the students that harassed Phoebe were charged with multiple felony’s and Phoebe’s mom told the school she wouldn’t push charges if they gave her $225,000 (NBC News.) Phoebe Prince was given justice for her cyberbullying and bullying at school that took her life. So what if someone is a new kid in school and made some friends, or so what if you’re being lazy and don’t want to do any of our work, so what you need money to get out or even just to have laying around so that you feel better about yourself, what do you really achieve? Proven by research the outcome is you either morn the loss of a loved one or you face life consequences. Those students wont be able to get in to many colleges just because they chose to be a bully, just cause they wanted to be top popular at school and even after her death she was still talked bad about on social media. Taking the easy way out gets you know where even when it comes down to no one listening. It is clear that cyber crimes deserve to be held at a high standard for punishment because imagine how the mother of Phoebe Prince felt after knowing she couldn’t help her own daughter, that’s not the way people would like to feel now days. Think twice about your decision because you never know what’s going on behind closed doors and it can lead to hurting yourself and not just the person or people you do things

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