Deserving Athletes

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Rough Draft: Compensating a Deserving Athlete In order to reduce the unfair treatment of college athletes, the National College Athletic Association should compensate their student-athletes because they spend time on a sport that is equal to a full time job, also the athletes must maintain steady production in order to keep their scholarship, because they must provide a good amount of revenue for the schools they play for. College athletes live a lifestyle that has no time for leisure. They must produce a winning team, with a winning record so they can keep a hefty scholarship. Not to mention, the amount of revenue a college athlete can produce for a University, or the NCAA has a lot of figures. In our country today, college sports is a lucrative industry. Parents dream of sending their kids to big time athletic schools, and children dream of playing for the schools they see on TV. The student-athlete makes all of the possible. The everyday college athlete has a work horse schedule. We are talking a day and night grind. With having to maintain academic satisfactory, and excellent performance on the field, college athletes barely have time for leisure. Athletes must be at practice, and dish out a productive day of work. They must improve every day in order to compete with their competition. Then, on …show more content…
Paying college athletes can more than likely change the way college sports are played. Many students wouldn’t be going to school for an education anymore, but as a business path. The game would deplete in intensity and thrill. Motivation for a higher education would be thrown out the window, and this would be a downfall to our society as a whole. Receiving a free education is also worthy as a gateway to compensation. Though it is not guaranteed, a degree can open many more doors for an athlete. It is understandable for the NCAA and their supporters to believe that an education is a viable way of

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