Examples Of Classroom Observation

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In the classroom I observed, I saw approximately 14 names listed on the wall. In the center of the room, there were two tables with chairs around them. I thought these were the desks that the students use. There were many tables in the classroom. A few examples that I saw were: a sensory table with a checkers game set up. I also saw about 2 or 3 separate tables around the room with different activities that the children could participate in. I observed one student working on a puzzle during naptime. One of the ways students could access writing or drawing materials was through the use of the easel close to the sensory table. The easel was also an effective way for students to express themselves and their ideas and through the use of the easel conversations between students were able to happen. One teacher walked up to the student at the easel and said, “What are you making? This statement in addition to many others shows me that the …show more content…
The colorful signs on the walls used to teach colors, the artwork the students had created were hanging outside the hallway. There was a lot of color in the classroom and a lot of pictures used to decorate the classroom. The teacher always had a calming tone in her voice whenever she was interacting with the students in her classroom. Any teacher can have a bad day in the classroom. Students won’t listen during instruction time, constant talking might be happening as a teacher would be trying to keep students focused and on task with what they are supposed to be doing. One interesting component of this classroom was the way in which the students in the classroom were referred to as friends. The man working alongside the teacher in the classroom referred to students as bud or buddy which was amazing to see how well the students responded to him. He also asked a student to bring the puzzle to a table and he would put it away for the

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