Agreeableness In The Workplace

Agreeableness is someone who is good natured, helpful, sympathetic, trusting, forgiving, and soft-hearted. Those who scored high in agreeableness is well liked by teammates and will help with social functioning in the team, however, if someone is goo agreeableness then they will avoid conflict. I scored a score of 5.2 when a class mean of 4.6 and a standard deviation of 1.6, which means that I am a half standard deviation below the class average. This means that I someone who is very caring and trusting and have realized that at times I try to avoid conflict with others. This is why someone who scored high in agreeableness can cause a challenge in the chapter of “Managing Conflict”.
The entire chapter about managing conflict contradicts this
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Avoiding is just not choosing to deal with the issues and the people and although my score wasn’t rally high, going off personal experience I will just walk away from an issue I don’t want to get involved with. I only do this when the issue is something that is trivial, I don’t do this for big issues that involve several people. Accommodating is being more concerned with maintaining the relationship than with accomplishing a goal, my score of being agreeable benefits this conflict management strategy because of how I am sympathetic, soft-hearted, and good natured. All these attributes will allow me to help resolve conflict and keep the relationship between the individuals. This strategy allows for my more sensitive side to come out and care more about harmony rather than someone “winning”. Agreeableness is similar to interpersonal reactivity index, this is why agreeableness is important for career …show more content…
A diverse team is more likely to have broader cognitive resources, wider vision, more extensive external contacts, and to improve the organization’s capabilities. However, for this diverse team to work then the team members need to be willing to accept the team and work well. Therefore, my score benefits this concept because I am willing to work with diverse others and gain new insights and experience. Openness to experience is a form of career success because of their attitude of looking for their creative and untraditional

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