Examples Of Agreeableness In Managing Conflict

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Agreeableness is someone who is good natured, helpful, sympathetic, trusting, forgiving, and soft-hearted. Those who scored high in agreeableness is well liked by teammates and will help with social functioning in the team, however, if someone is goo agreeableness then they will avoid conflict. I scored a score of 5.2 when a class mean of 4.6 and a standard deviation of 1.6, which means that I am a half standard deviation below the class average. This means that I someone who is very caring and trusting and have realized that at times I try to avoid conflict with others. This is why someone who scored high in agreeableness can cause a challenge in the chapter of “Managing Conflict”.
The entire chapter about managing conflict contradicts this personality of someone who scores really high in agreeableness because they tend to avoid it. When they avoid conflict they also reluctantly accept other people needs without arguing or discussing it. These people are not at all managing conflict because if they abide to all of these people then they are basically a custody battle between the people causing conflict in the team.
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These people will be willing to takes risks, such as moving to another country for a promotion or taking a task deemed to be impossible. Upper management is always looking for new creative ideas that can help improve the company. Overall, these are employees who are always willing to learn something new and develop their skills. As a shift manager for a restaurant, I am always looking employees that are willing to learn and experience new ways of doing their position. These employees will advance in their career because of the skills they can think of and demonstrate them as well. The personality of neuroticism is the next personality and is basically someone who can easily be

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