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Social Institutions have a great impact on an individual’s life. Education is an example of a social institution and it has been influencing me ever since kindergarten. In the following essay, I will talk about my journey in school and how this exercise helped me realize that it is our experiences that shape our lives.
Elementary School To start, Elementary is the first educational system that starts to influence you. I went to three different elementary schools; all three of the schools influenced me in a different way. I started elementary school when I was 5 years old. The first elementary school I went to was a private catholic nun school in Haiti. I do not recall the name of the school, but it was horrible. Since it was a religious school,
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Since we spend our childhood and most of our adulthood in school, I’d love to have a Ph.D., but I’m not sure what I want so specialize in. I like to procrastinate and I am very lazy when it comes to doing my work in advance. I always have trouble in starting my work early. This is the biggest challenge I’ll have to overcome in university. The biggest support I have in achieving my goals are my teachers because teachers always want their students to aim for the best. I wouldn’t choose my parents as supportive because, although they do try to show support, I translate it into a form of pressure. To conclude, social institutions brings us a lot of experience throughout our lives. Schools are one of the most influential social institutions in society. I’ve gained a lot of experience and qualities in every school I went to. This exercise helped me realized that when I moved from country to country, I’ve created a passion for learning new things, especially new languages. The exercise also helped me discover that I prefer things that are easy, but I am discouraged when things are not. I have a desire to finish school until the last level, because it challenges me to do better in

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