Examining The Powers Of Writing Essay examples

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Examining the Powers of Writing
Many people suffer through traumatic events in their lives and need a source to help them heal. Karen Cangialosi works to inform people of this source. “Healing through the Written Word” exposes the mental and physical benefits of writing. Although scientists do not understand why writing can reduce the number of doctor visits needed. It has been proven that writing increases immune function and decreases blood pressure. When writing to heal, grammar and punctuation do not matter; the only thing that is important is pouring your emotions onto the page. Often after a traumatic event, people feel like they had no control over the situation but writing puts the power into their hands. “Healing through the Written word” was first published in The Permanente Journal. In Karen Cangialosi’s, "Healing through the Written Word," she is writing to doctors and psychologist that have patients who are suffering from physical or mental pain; she successfully portrays her purpose of spreading the knowledge that writing can heal through her use of appeal to authority, statistics, and persuasive diction.
Karen Cangialosi uses appeals to authority throughout her writing. Appeal to authority is a rhetorical device that uses the expertise of someone else to back their own work. Cangialosi uses appeals to authority to prove the psychological effects of writing. Cangialosi references the work of James W Pennebaker, “In his book, Opening Up, James W Pennebaker,…

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