Ex-Mormon Marriage Case Study

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I think that something a lot of ex-Mormons struggle with is realizing that yes, the LDS church can do some good. No organization is entirely good or entirely bad. And while I'm not going to be running to rejoin the church, its welfare model - which is community oriented and offers a strong sense of accountability - is worth looking at.
Beyond that, a lot of what McArdle gets right are uncomfortable topics that people wish to avoid, as discussing them can get one labeled misogynist or racist. The single leading indicator (not cause) of future delinquency and criminal behavior is an upbringing in a single parent household. That's not trying to place blame at the feet of single moms, who have a difficult task in front of them - it's simply pointing
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Believe me, Utah teachers are average at best. But where you've got two-parent households, and the parents care, the kids learn.
Sure it matters. For the individual person, the answer is clear regardless: get married and make your marriage strong in order to do right by your kids.
But for people analyzing why this happens overall, yeah, it might matter a lot. It's always best to know as much as possible about causes and effects. Will encouraging more people to get married before children help, or will it just result in more divorces that would otherwise have been moving out on someone?
Encourage marriage before kids! Those who don't trust their significant other enough to get married won't... and if the relationship isn't strong enough for marriage, why would you add kids? To me the result is the same, no matter the causation.
It is always hard to fish all this out, but coming from a family with an emphasis on reading, whether they are degreed or not is what creates youngsters who read.
I don't see income as any sort of major factor. There have been countless academics who grew up poor (when academics were paid much less) in the household of teachers and academics. An atmosphere where learning is emphasized is all that it

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