Evolution And Evolution Of Football

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Register to read the introduction… The protective equipment used today differs greatly from the equipment used in the beginning of football. Equipment offers much more protection now than it did a long time ago. In the beginning of the game, football players wore close to nothing for equipment, the shoulder pads were very small along with all the other pads and the helmet was made of leather and it was open faced. Today, helmets have evolved to hard plastic and are equipped with a protective face mask. The shoulder pads are much larger and are also made of plastic and foam, which absorbs much more of the impact. The thigh, hip knee, and tail (commonly known as butt pads) pads are made of foam and prevent the player from injured while being hit in the lower body. The equipment used today is much more safe than it was in the early days of football and has evolved for the better over the years. Football players today have much less to worry about as far as hurting while getting hit. Football is one of the most popular sports today, and for good reasons. The intensity involved is football is unlike any other sport, and this attracts people to football. The way the game has evolved over the years also intrigues audiences to gather around to watch. The sports industry today has become a great part of entertainment in the world. Because football is a very large portion of the sports industry, it is very important to many people. Large groups of people dedicate their entire lives to the game of football and without it, the world would be a completely different

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