Evidence Based Practice Essay

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" The institute of Medicine has set a goal that by 2020, 90% of all health care decisions will be evidence based" (Mazurek et al., 2009).
On entering the words "Evidence Based Practice" into the Cumulative Index for Nursing and Allied Health Literature( CINAHL) database in December 2012, the amount of articles to be found by the author of this assignment was 5694. It could be said that this shows the importance of evidence based practice in today's world of nursing.
In 2012, the words accreditation, in private health care settings, Health Information and Quality Authority ( H.I.Q.A) standards, in the public sector and indeed Clinical Governance are spoken every day! Cranston (2002) stated that for the organisation, clinical
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" Evidence based practice has been demonstrated to yield improved patient outcomes" ( Killeen and Barnfather, 2005).
Recent research carried out on the use of anticoagulation therapy for the prevention of post operative development of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism following a total knee or total hip replacement surgery, showed the effect of the anticoagulants appears to be influenced by the time of initiation of coagulation more than the effect of the drug itself. (Salazar, et al., 2011). Therefore it can be said that the previous practice of commencing the anticoagulant post operatively is not the best for the patient. Indeed commencement pre operatively greatly reduces the risk of developing a deep venous thrombosis or a pulmonary embolism, thus improving the patient outcome. When evidence is used to define best practices rather than to support

existing practices, nursing care keeps pace with the latest technological advances and takes advantage of new knowledge developments. ( Youngblut and Brooten 2001).
Accountability and Ongoing Education for the nurse as a practicing professional.
In addition to the before mentioned benefit to patient outcomes another strength to evidence based practice is that to the nurse as a professional. The Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Ireland states that "each registered nurse is accountable for his or her own practice" An Bord Altranais ( 2000). In order for the practicing nurse to be accountable for

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