Ever Changing Field Of Film Essay

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The Ever-changing Field of Film
The world of film and cinematography has changed a lot over the years, and it will likely change even more as time wears on. Like many modern innovations, film and cinematography have changed very quickly over a rather short period of time, before reaching a plateau of existence that won’t advance for a while, though it definitely will eventually. Still, it is impressive to think how far film has come, and looking back allows us to have a bit more appreciation for the technology that no longer is.
I myself am not old enough to recall something ancient, such as black and white films or movies without sound. But I can recall the days when DVD and Blu-Ray was mere fantasy, or hopes for a far off future. Yes, I am
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In fact, the 3D theatres replaced the traditional theatres in the neighborhood. This changed the way how people enjoy movies as well. In fact, people can now get a realistic 3D experience while they enjoy their favorite movies. 4D theatres have also come to the world and I have seen them in some parts of the world. Unfortunately, I could not still go to a 4D theatre and I am planning to visit a one in the near future.
When I recall my memories, I remember the hassle that we had to go through in order to watch a movie. In fact, we had to wait in those long queues to get into the cinema. On the other hand, we did not have the chance to watch any movie that we prefer at any given time. Time has changed everything and now I can simply watch a movie at the comfort of my home whenever I want.
Now I rarely go to the theatre in order to watch a movie. That’s because I can simply enjoy my favorite movies at home. There are even dedicated television channels for movies. Some days I find myself immersed in movie marathons as well. Last year I got the Netflix subscription. Now I can watch movies on demand. In fact, this helped me to watch my favorite movies at the time I want. For example, now I can find a movie that perfectly matches with my mood. Therefore, films have become a personal affair to my life within the past couple of
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In the old days, aside from drawn animation, producers had to rely on costumes or props to portray grotesque creatures, aliens, or other beasts. For example, let’s look back at the original Godzilla. Anyone who watched it today would likely wince or cringe as laid eyes on the rather sad rendition of Godzilla, even if it was pretty good at the time. With CGI, the ability of producers to create realistic and engaging movie magic was exponentially increased. Just look at the latest Godzilla movie: now there’s a beast that actually looks

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