Event Chairman Case Study

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Event Chairman – An Overview
The Event Chairman guides the chapter in accomplishing the Fraternity goal of attaining individual and social excellence. She educates chapter members concerning acceptable behavior in all settings and ensures Kappa Policies and Risk Management Procedures are followed during an event.

Role of the Event Chairman:
➢ Plan and coordinate chapter events and activities.
➢ Educate the chapter on social graciousness.
➢ Define acceptable behavior, conduct and personal etiquette at social events.
➢ Follow Fraternity Policies regarding events.
➢ Be familiar with Risk Management Procedures and resources.
➢ Collaborate with the Risk Management Chairman in planning and executing chapter events.
➢ Serve as a role model for the
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➢ Suggested Activities for committee night:
• Plan safe events.
• Plan graciousness education.
• Plan an initiation brunch in conjunction with the Marshal.
• Determine pictures/favors for events.
• Brainstorm ways to maintain balance between academics and events.
• Create ideas for alcohol-free events.
• Complete Event Planning Form for upcoming events when applicable.

➢ Educate chapter on personal conduct, alcohol awareness, legal liability and risk management:
• Assist the Standards Committee with a standards workshop.
• Assist the Risk Management Chairman with a risk management workshop.

➢ Educate chapter on group and individual graciousness:
• Provide a welcoming environment.
• Encourage respect among members.
• Focus on traits of kindness, thoughtfulness and consideration.
• Enhance campus image and reputation of the chapter.
• Address business and personal etiquette.

➢ Plan all chapter social and sisterhood events:
• Include chapter members in decision-making process.
• Include a diverse range of activities, such as events for chapter members only, members and dates, or parents and alumnae.
• Develop a balanced program that includes non-alcoholic events.
• Coordinate with other officers to plan sisterhood
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Starting events earlier may cut down on the number of members who attend pre-parties.
➢ When planning an event, keep the academic responsibilities of each member in mind and follow Risk Management Procedures. All planning must be in accordance with current Fraternity Bylaws, Standing Rules and Policies and local, state/provincial and federal laws.
➢ Have each member write her name on a wristband, which can be purchased at different types of party stores, before getting on the bus. Members must turn in wristbands at the end of the event.
➢ Use a buddy system for social events. At each social function, members pair up with another sister as a buddy group. This pair and their dates are responsible for each other during the evening. If one person is not admitted to the function, all four are not admitted. This encourages a more personal system of checks and balances. The buddy group could be roommates or new member classes.
➢ Make safe cards – business-size cards with taxicab contact information and other emergency numbers.
➢ Make a booklet listing ways to have fun without

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