Evaluation Plan For Measure Performance Essay

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would also be able to see what worked and what did not work based on the received collected data. Another evaluation strategy would be to measure performance. This could be done by seeing if the created tasks were completed, how they were completed, and how long it took to complete them. This is beneficial in evaluation because if the created tasks were completed then the objective they were created for was also completed. This will allow me to see what was successful and could be used again and what was unsuccessful. The final evaluation strategy I would use is to formulize change. This would allow me to come up with new strategies or tasks to use in order to reach the objective. By creating changes, it will allow me to instate new ways to reach the objective. These changes could be created by evaluating data and measuring performance.
5. What macro level skills are evident in the film? There are several macro level skills that are evident in the film. One of the macro level skills is advocacy. A large amount of advocacy occurred in the film in order to rebuild the community. Legislative advocacy occurred when DSNI board members were working directly with the City of Boston government, specifically the mayor. They had to provide evidence that they need the dumping to cease and they had to convince that they needed government funding in order to rebuild their community. DSNI board members also advocated for the community by protesting and providing resistance…

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