Essay on Evaluation of a Theatrical Performance - the Woman in Black

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Evaluation of a Theatrical Performance.

Play: Women in Black.
Style: Gran Guignal.
Our drama assessment was to watch the play “Woman in Black” at the Fortune Theatre in London. The original 1950’s play starred Orlando Wells and Michael Mears as the two main and only characters and directed by Robin Hereford.

As the curtain raised and the performance began a minimalist set was revealed; stool, chair, basket and a coat-rack. Initially, the minimalist set predicted that the play would be slow-moving, however the lack stage furniture actually focused the audience even more on the storyline, as there were few distractions. This also allowed the actors to effectively include Drama Mediums such as multiple prop. The actors
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The dialogue spoken in The Woman in Black was formal; indicative time of the Victorian period. The fact that the whole play was in different forms of old English made it seem more like a ghost tale and more realistic. Each character had a different tone or accent which made it a lot easier to recognise each character. The character whose tone caught my attention was the Scottish man on the train as he was the most elusive in his reference to the mystery and legend - his tone was also memorable as he had an angry and loud register.

Pacing and Timing
There were a couple of incidents where I thought that the action was deliberately accelerated to induce high emotion and panic. For example, at the start when Arthur Kipps was saying how he had to tell his story, he was talking very fast without pause or making eye contact due to his apparent fear of not only his story but also stage fright. His pace and timing was deliberately out of sync with the rest of the play – highlighting effective use of pace and timing.

Directors Decisions.
I was amazed at how clever some of the director’s decisions were. The actors showed an apparent difference between their characterisations. When they would be a character they would talk in the 1st person, as if it is happening to them, but whilst they

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