Essay on Evaluation Of The Proposed Sampling Plan

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Enclosed is my analysis of the proposed sampling plan, where I will highlight and describe the effectiveness of the sampling plan. Included in this report will be my analysis of the probability of if the sample plan will result in a deal or will result in a rejection of the deal.

It is common for large retail pharmacies to buy small independent pharmacies customer base in order to gain more customers. Customers from the independent pharmacies prescription files are transferred to the larger company that has purchased them and encourage the customers to switch over to the large companies in order to fill their prescriptions. SavMor is considering buying Hubbard’s Pharmacy customer base of 2,780 customers. Hubbard’s Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy that is located in San Jose, California. We are planning on doing a sample plan to make sure buying this customer base at the proposed price will be profitable to us as an end result. In order for the deal to buy Hubbard’s customer base, the sample must show that at least 70% of the customers must switch over to our company. However, if 60% or fewer customers will not switch over to our company, then the deal is not recommended or to be negotiated.

General Sampling Plan:

SavMor should use a sampling plan in order to determine whether or not we should go through with the deal of buying Hubbard’s Pharmacy customer base. Surveying the customers to find out how many will switch to SavMor is the only way we can see what the…

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