Essay on Evaluation Of The Evaluation And Its Importance

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I. Evaluation and Its Importance
The evaluation stage has purpose and importance. The evaluation process is important because it allows the worker and client to reflect on the work that has been done and see how the client has achieved his/her goals; additionally, it allows the client to determine how effective the intervention practice really was (Birkenmaier, Berg-Weger & Dewees, 2014). As for working with different clients, individuals, families, groups, and communities, the process will be the same in some ways and differ in others. When working with individuals, the worker will center the evaluation around that single individual and provide feedback in regards to the achievement of their goals (Berkenmaier et al, 2014). When working with families, the worker will focus on the family unit itself and not the individuals within the family; this differs from working with individuals because it no longer focuses on one sole person (Berkenmaier et al, 2014). When working with groups, it encompasses evaluation features from both working with individuals as well as working with families; this is done by focusing on both the group as well as the individuals in the group (Berkenmaier et al, 2014). Lastly, working with communities is similar, again, to working with individuals, families, and groups; however, it differs in the sense that the worker will focus on an entire community and how that group was involved in their work versus the smaller units that are above (Berkenmaier et…

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