Essay about Evaluation Of The Emergency Room

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February 19th, 2016 my day was very busy. After I got back from lunch I read up on previous patients that I have seen to follow up and see how they were doing. My supervisor was checking her emails and listening to her voicemail. One of the case managers in the emergency room informed my supervisor that there was a patient that needed to be seen by a social worker. However; my supervisor was very busy so I went with the case manager to the ER. This gave me an opportunity to experience the emergency room. I shadowed the case manager. In this situation the case manager had to inform the patient that she had to return to her nursing home and could no longer remain in the hospital. The patient was medically ready to be discharged. The patient kept telling the nurses that she did not want to return back to the nursing home that she had been at for 10+ years. The case manager provided the patient with information explaining a lateral transfer if the patient still felt unhappy when she returned to her nursing home. I felt that I would have been able to explain this information to the patient if I was aware of the lateral transfer process from one nursing home to another. I feel that after observing this scenario I would be able to explain this information if the same situation was to occur in the future. I handled the scenario professional and did not feel uncomfortable being in the ER. When I returned from the emergency room I helped my supervisor to fax over PRI’s to nursing…

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