Evaluation Of Holistic Nursing And Health Promotion Essay

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In one study, Suhonen et al. (2011) surveyed 1315 surgical patients from 72 inpatient wards across 5 countries, using a cross-sectional design and survey method in 2009. Participants were asked to answer questions devised to explore their perceptions of support and delivery of individualized care. Utilizing Pearson’s correlation coefficients a positive correlation emerged between individualized care and patient satisfaction confirming nurse-patient relationship strengthening when utilizing holistic care practices (Suhonen et al., 2012). This study accentuates the importance of the nurse-patient relationship and the utilization of holistic care practices in providing optimum healthcare.
In addition, Povlsen and Borup (2011) completed a comprehensive quantitative analysis of holistic nursing and health promotion. This inquiry, into 23 articles completed from 1995-2008 utilized the empirical, theoretical, and review types and the results observed confirmed health promotion as being an integral part of nursing and emphasized patient-nurse relations as the staple of a holistic nursing process. Results again highlight the nurse-patient relationship as being imperative, in the realization of holistic nursing practice.
Finally, Robinson, et al. (2008) completed another comprehensive literature review search related to patient-centeredness through focusing on the treatment of chronic disease and the effectiveness of intervention on adherence to treatment. The studies reviewed…

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