Essay about Evaluation Of A Performance Monitoring System

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The Human Resource department in some organizations is not only responsible for the outside talent that may be potential to an organization, but also responsible for monitoring performance among current employees within the business using various methods or systems. Monitoring the performance of employees within an organization provides various benefits for a business. “To enhance employee performance, many organizations are increasingly using electronic performance monitoring” (“The Invisible Eye…” - Bhave, Devasheesh P, 1). A key element of a performance monitoring system is the comparison of actual performance of employees to a benchmark performance established by upper management. A system like such also establishes standards and measures of performance or productivity that is acceptable for specific employees. Technology has made monitoring productivity within an organization much simpler. There are also systems that can monitor how well a certain program is doing within an organization, how many processes are being taken on by an organization’s employees and what specific activities are being done. Improvement in technological data accuracy has proven to benefit Human Resources as well as organizations as a whole by being able to reduced human error and maintain accurate data. Another way Human Resources departments monitor employees using technology is regularly reviewing what web pages employees are surfing. “In a national survey, 37% of employee respondents…

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