Essay on Evaluation Of A Patient On The Nursing Process

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Evaluation of a patient The nursing process is a systematic process that allows nurses to know the patient 's physical, emotional and mental health. In this evaluation process is a collection of data that will allow the healthcare professional to proceed to evaluate the patient in different scales that go hand in hand. This process is established under the data collected and established by the NANDA. According to NANDA, this organization was established in 1982 through the process of research to standardize the nomenclature; taxonomy and diagnosis to provide quality care for the patient and their environment. These standards that create the care plan are: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation of care. First, we see the stages of assessment and diagnosis. The assessment involves steps of data collection on biophysical, psychological, socio cultural, spiritual health and emotional behavior. Nurses can collect data of evaluation with conviction, knowledge, and ability to develop and objective, and subjective observation, to evaluate correctly the patient. The objective data are the symptoms that the patients said when arrive to the health institution. Subjective data are the ones that nurse perceive without assumption and the result of the laboratory. This assessment process is done through clinical interviews. This interview consists of three steps. The steps of the interview are initiation, body, and closing. In the initiation of the interview…

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