Essay on Evaluation Of A New Product Line

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I. Introduction

Ravi Verghese, sales director at the continuously growing rehabilitation and medical equipment company (PRME), faces a new challenge posed by the company’s CEO—increase sales of a new business sector, PRMESport, by 10% by the end of the year. In order to achieve this goal, Ravi needs to not only motivate employees, but start with critically analyzing the company, its policies, and its employees.

II. Critical incidents

Critical Incident #1: Introduction of new product line, PRMESport Introduction of a new product line will always put a new stressor on employees; even more so when that involves more territory and an increase in workload. To make things even more complicated, PRME is tasked with training sales associates from various generations on the new product line. Because Ravi also wants to reorganize the sales team into smaller, self-managed teams, it is essential that team members are not only able to recognize differences, but actively avoid discrimination and encourage inclusiveness (Green et al., n.d.). From there, Ravi should be deliberate about tailoring specific messages and training tools to the needs of each individual (“Leading the Four Generations,” 2014). He cannot expect one method to work across all members of the sales team because of differences in generations and learning styles. Furthermore, a new product line is a big growth step for an organization. Such a big change requires the CEO and other executives to ensure that all…

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